Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so that they may solve their common problem with alcohol, and help others to recover from the effects of alcohol. If you believe you may have a problem with alcohol, you are invited to attend our meetings.  Our District 11 is in Area 51 and encompasses these Counties and towns; Alexander - Taylorsville | Allegheny - Sparta | Ashe - West Jefferson | Avery - Banner Elk, Newland | Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock | Wilkes - Wilkesboro

I am Responsible. - When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.  And for that:  I am responsible.

Area 51, District 11 represents the following counties in western North Carolina; Alexander - Taylorsville | Allegheny - Sparta | Ashe - The Jeffersons | Avery - Banner Elk, Newland | Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock | Wilkes - The Wilksboros

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The Purpose of this Website is to:

  1. To provide accurate and consistent information about Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. To facilitate the communication of AA services and activities provided NC District 11 and General Services office.
  3. To encourage participation of members, groups and committees in NC District 11 services and activities.


  1. NC District 11 is responsible for the selection of content on the NC District 11 website.
  2. The content is drawn primarily drawn from existing AA materials.
  3. The Web site provides contact information and assistance by providing local information phone numbers and local meeting schedules.
  4. The Web Site provides information to District 11 intergroup members, whom are responsible for the distribution of this information, when appropriate.
  5. The Web Site includes a disclaimer break in all links, except to pages within our site, pages to other AA Intergroup Sponsored sites, AA World Service and AA Grapevine.
  6. District 11 sells AA literature on this website. Materials may be obtained by clicking the link in the left margin.
  7. District 11 Intergroup approves all material on, and changes to this site.
  8. Current policy is subject to review and revision.
  9. District 11 welcomes suggestions for District 11's website.

Use of trademarks, symbols, and other literature has been reproduced pursuit Alcoholics Anonymous Intellectual Properties Policy. The following is a complete list of registered trademeks and service marks that symbolize Alcoholics Anonymous, its work and purpose: A.A.; Alcoholics Anonymous; the Big Book; Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions; Box 4-5-9; The Grapevine; AA Grapevine; GV; Box 1980, La Vina.

In the spirit of cooperation, and not affiliation, District 11 may include meeting times and places for Institutional and Al-Anon, when this information is made available.

Where Are We Anyway?

In District 11 of Western North Carolina, You Can Find a Meeting in:

Alexander - Taylorsville
Allegheny - Sparta
Ashe - West Jefferson
Avery - Banner Elk, Newland
Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock
Wilkes - Wilkesboro
(Close-by Neighbor NOT in Distrcit 11 is Mitchell County with Spruce Pine)

Area Hotline Numbers

Watauga/Avery (828)264-1212

Ashe County (336)982-2641

Wilkes County (336)927-5593

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