Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so that they may solve their common problem with alcohol, and help others to recover from the effects of alcohol. If you believe you may have a problem with alcohol, you are invited to attend our meetings.  Our District 11 is in Area 51 and encompasses these Counties and towns; Alexander - Taylorsville | Allegheny - Sparta | Ashe - West Jefferson | Avery - Banner Elk, Newland | Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock | Wilkes - Wilkesboro

I am Responsible. - When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.  And for that:  I am responsible.

Area 51, District 11 represents the following counties in western North Carolina; Alexander - Taylorsville | Allegheny - Sparta | Ashe - The Jeffersons | Avery - Banner Elk, Newland | Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock | Wilkes - The Wilksboros

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Boone/Blowing Rock

6:45 AM - The Early Birds, Room 200, Boone United Methodist Church,Boone, 471 New Market Street,C/BB/D
Noon - Boone Downtown Closed Meeting, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 170 Councill St. Boone (behind Earthfare), C/D

Noon - One Day at a Time,Club 12, Boone,141 Health Center Dr., Suite A,O/D
5:30 PM - Happy Hour,Club 12, Boone,141 Health Center Dr., Suite A,O/D
6:30 PM - Womens Serenity,Club 12, Boone,141 Health Center Dr., Suite A, O/Lit/WW
8:00 PM - Solutions Group,Grace Lutheran Church, Boone,115 E King Street (basement),C/D

Avery County
7:00 PM - Newland Serenity,Sloop Medical Plaza, Linville,434 Hospital Drive, Linville (Oak Room),O/D

Wilkes County
Noon - Old Town Group, 307 Foresster Ave. North Wilkesboro,C/ST
5:30 PM - Old Town Group, 307 Forester Ave. North Wilkesboro,C/D

Ashe County
7:00 PM - Ashe Unity Group,West Jeff United Methodist Church,107 W 2nd St #113 (West Jefferson),C/D

6:45 PM - New Beginners Meeting,Alexander Correctional,Alexander Correctional Inst
(approval  required),C/Inst

Spruce Pine/Burnsville (Not in District 11, Posted here as a neighboring gesture)
7:15 PM - Day by Day Group,Mountain View Correctional,Mountain View Correctional Inst
(approval required),C/Inst
8:00 PM - Burnsville Group,Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church,O/D
7:00 PM - Spruce Pine Group,Trinity Episcopal Church,Spruce Pine,C/BB

NOON, Sparta Group, Sparta Presbyterian Church, 160 South Main Street, Sparta, O/D

Spruce Pine/Burnsville
NC District 11-Tuesday Meetings

Closed Meetings:
These meetings are limited to alcoholics. They provide an opportunity for members to share with one another on problems related to drinking patterns and attempts to achieve stable sobriety. They also permit detailed discussion of various elements in the recovery program.

Open Meetings:
Meetings of this type are open to alcoholics and their families and to anyone interested in solving a personal drinking problem or helping someone else to solve such a problem.

O = Open Meetings C = Closed Meetings BB = Big Book Study ST = Step Meeting SP = Speaker WW = Womens Meeting Beg=Beginners

Where Are We Anyway?

In District 11 of Western North Carolina, You Can Find a Meeting in:

Alexander - Taylorsville
Allegheny - Sparta
Ashe - West Jefferson
Avery - Banner Elk, Newland
Watauga - Boone, Blowing Rock
Wilkes - Wilkesboro
(Close-by Neighbor NOT in Distrcit 11 is Mitchell County with Spruce Pine)

Area Hotline Numbers

Watauga/Avery (828)264-1212

Ashe County (336)982-2641

Wilkes County (336)927-5593

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